BioSafety Cabinet 1200LC Class II type A2

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Overview Product BioSafety Cabinet 1200LC Class II type A2

Enhanced comfort and convenience 

10 ° backward-slanted safety grade glass provides protection with more comfortable viewing than vertical sashes. Counterbalanced sliding sash can be raised to a maximum height for easy introduction of large items. The radiused edge prevents the potentially dangerous practice of placing materials in this area. Constructed of seamless, non-porous, autoclavable Type 304 stainless steel for working plate, one-piece side/rear walls.

UV Decontamination

  • Programmable UV light timer simplifies operation while extending life time Powerful UV irradiation ensures thorough disinfection of the complete chamber.
  • UV lamp with interlocking safety switch function is designed for your safety.
  • Unique hidden UV lamp protects operator’ s eyes from hurt.

Easy to Clean

The cabinet work zone has no welded joints to collect contaminants or rust. Details of cabinet developed further to ensure easier cleaning with normal cleaning solvents Airflow laminator protects the filter surface during wipe cleaning. Optional multiple piece stainless steel work surface is easier to remove and put into autoclave / washer. Bottom sink is made of stainless steel type 304 with round corners and draining valves

Friendly Communication

LCD is mounted at eye level for at-a-glance viewing of airflow, operating parameters, and alarm messages. The intuitive interface delivers a constant read-out of working area temperature, air velocity/volume, filter life span, total running time. Patented filter life indicator is designed to measure filter life according to actual condition of membrane.

Nominal Size 1.2 meters(4′)
External Dimensions with Base Stand (W×D×H) 1323×771×2255mm 52.1”×30.4”×88.8”
Internal Work Area,Space 1200×600×678mm 47.2”×23.6”×26.7”
Average Airflow Velocity *
Inflow 0.53m/s(104.3fpm)
Downflow 0.35m/s(68.9fpm)
Airflow Volume
Inflow 477m³/h(281cfm)
Downflow 866m³/h(510cfm)
Exhaust 477m³/h(281cfm)
ULPA Filter Typical Efficiency
Downflow Filters provide 99.9995% typical efficiency for particle size of 0.1 to 0.2 microns
Exhaust Filters provide 99.9995% typical efficiency for particle size of 0.1 to 0.2 microns
Biosafety Protection Test
Personnel Protection Test KI-Discus containment and microbiological testing is performed
Product Protection Test 1~8×106 (three times in succession) ≤5CFU
Cross-contamination Test 1~8×106 (three times in succession) ≤2CFU
Sound Emission (Typical)
NSF/ANSI 49 <62dBA
EN 12469 <59dBA
Fluorescent Light Intensity 800~1200 Lux (74~112 foot candles)
Excellent light distribution Yes
RMS ≤2.3μm
Cabinet Construction
Main Body 1.2mm(0.05”) steel with white oven-baked epoxy-polyester
Work Zone 1.5mm(0.06”) stainless steel, type 304
Side Walls 1.5mm(0.06”) stainless steel, type 304
Electrical sliding windows Option Yes
Window material Hardened/laminated safey glass
Cabinet Full Load Amp(FLA) 2A
Fuses 10A
Cabinet Nominal Power 452W
Optional Outlets FLA 5A
Total Cabinet FLA 7A
Power Supply*
220V/50Hz Yes
220V/60Hz Yes
110V/60Hz Yes
Net Weight
Manual Type 225kg(496lbs)
Shipping Weight
Manual Type 295kg(650lbs)
Shipping Dimensions Maximum(W×D×H) 1425×945×1717mm 56.1”×37.2”×67.3”
Shipping Volume, Maximum 2.30m³(81.2cu.ft.)

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