The BARCOV HPLC BRQ-4000 system provides you with long-term, continuous and stable operation and a variety of configuration options. Higher analysis and detection efficiency makes you confident in the detection results and worthy of your trust.

Barcov HPLC BRQ-4000 TKDN Indonesia
Barcov HPLC BRQ-4000

“Economical and durable”, which is the true feeling from users for the intelligent ultra-high performance liquid chromatography system. The strict quality control system ensures the high quality standard of each component, long operation time and long maintenance interval. In addition, sophisticated built-in diagnostic maintenance tools provide more reliable and safe operation

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Overview Features BARCOV HPLC BRQ-4000

  • This product is TKDN certified
  • Each module is equipped with a liquid leakage sensor
  • Intelligent real-time communication between components through Ethernet
  • Separate LAN/PC connection, all modules can be controlled independently
  • Precise diagnosis and maintenance function ensures longer normal operation time
  • Many leading proprietary technologies have laid the foundation for ultra-high performance, efficiency and reliability
  • Maintenance spare parts can be easily operated

Fast Analysis Efficiency

Leading technological innovation and profound development heritage can ensure that your application can obtain more optimized analysis efficiency and detection performance. The combination of innovative chromatographic separation technology and advanced expansion functions ensures stable separation and detection performance, making you confident in daily results.

Reliable performance, faster output of accurate results

The UHPLC has superefficient analytical performance and long-lasting durability. It integrates the latest chromatographic column technology and accurate and diverse detector modules to ensure efficient and stable separation performance and accurate and reliable detection results, making you confident in your daily analytical work.

Beyond conventional pressure delivery

The ultra-high pressure pump can provide a pressure range of ≥ 10500psi (72MPa), a flow range of 10ml/min, and different configuration types such as isocratic, binary, quaternary and dual ternary. A more stable and uniform pump gradient ensures better sensitivity and more reliable qualitative and quantitative repeatability. Ultra-high pressure infusion pump can support up to four kinds of solvents at most, which enables you to obtain better flexibility in automatic solvent mixing and is suitable for various conventional applications and research and development.

Stable and reliable separation efficiency

The ultra-high pressure infusion pump is equipped with high-performance gradient valve to achieve more accurate flow output and gradient accuracy; Based on the leading proprietary technology, the pressure fluctuation is controlled within 10psi, so as to obtain more stable pressure control and qualitative repeatability. The column can realize rapid and stable separation with high resolution under high pressure. The smaller particle size of packing is perfectly matched with the ultra-high pressure system. It is suitable for flexible method development and method transfer. Highly controllable monolayer formation and tail sealing technology ensure inter column reproducibility, high selectivity and separation efficiency.

Accurate and flexible detection expansion

The Leaps series UHPLC provides a variety of detectors such as UVD and DAD, which are suitable for the detection, sharing and analysis of various substances with different properties. Data acquisition rates of up to 100 Hz are available, allowing even the narrowest peaks in UHPLC to be easily acquired. DAD’s ultra-long optical path and 2μL micro-flow cell ensure higher sensitivity and more accurate detection of trace substances; the carefully optimized optical system and leading circuit and structural design effectively reduce the overall machine noise and drift to ensure safe, reliable and accurate data collection for various application samples.

Accurate Analysis Results

The excellent and stable overall system solution helps to achieve higher accuracy, sample delivery and stability. Multi column switching system, fast sample delivery and four channel solvent selection ensure faster cycling and higher instrument utilization.

Faster processing for higher instrument utilization

The chromatographic column switching system, fast sample delivery and 4-CHS solvent selection system ensure the ultra-fast turnover cycle and ultra-high instrument utilization rate of the whole machine.

Efficient sample delivery and analysis

The auto sampler provides you with unparalleled flexibility and expansibility. The flexible sample tray selection (2*54 or 2*96 well plate) can methodically process sequence operation, including cross sequence operation. The graphical sample tray selection interface in the data processing system is more convenient for setting and analysis.
The high injection repeatability is lower than 0.3% RSD, combined with multiple injection modes, provides guarantee for obtaining accurate and reliable quantitative results. The highly scalable automatic sampler can flexibly switch to online-SPE. The leading overlapping sampling technology greatly improves the efficiency. The internal and external needle washing comprehensively reduces the sample hangover to less than 0.0025%. The optional sample compartment refrigeration meets the environmental requirements of more biological samples

Efficient column handling and switching

The high-capacity column oven can accommodate three 300mm columns, and the accommodation range of other short columns is doubled. Each column can be directly operated by the quick switching
valve. Different methods can be automatically operated without disconnecting and reconnecting the column, which is convenient for the expansion of multi-dimensional chromatographic methods. The patented forced air circulation design makes the internal temperature field more uniform and maintains the temperature stability of ± 0.1 ℃. The recording of column using information ensures compliance with the requirements of regulatory guidelines, helps to avoid failures in the operation of important sequences, and avoids mismatches between stationary phases, solvents and temperatures.

Efficient management and powerful data processing

CDS software can comprehensively and traceably manage and control the UHPLC, including instrument control, spectrum generation, data processing and report output. With CDs, you can quickly view up to 30 parameters, such as data, retention time, peak area, column effect, peak type, integration event, etc. The correlation standard curve can provide the results directly in the data analysis. Normalized graphical interface and partition function management greatly improve the ease of interaction and make it easy to use without too much learning. It includes multi version deployment of database version, network version, cloud service version, etc. to meet the expansion needs of different scenarios. The comprehensive regulatory applicability function enables the system to meet the requirements of the latest FDA/GLP/GMP related regulations.

Flexible Application Experiment

The flexible combination of various configurations and powerful software and application support ensure the smooth operation and development expansion of the analysis experiment. Methods the database was transferred seamlessly, and the modules and configurations could be upgraded without worry. A more economical and practical choice was made to realize a more optimized application scheme and flexibly meet the application requirements.

Free Update

Methods and project inventory storage can be transferred seamlessly, modules and configurations can be upgraded without worry, and more economical and practical choices which will meet your expectations. On the premise of meeting the budget, a better configuration scheme and better detection efficiency can be achieved.

Method setting and backup security assurance

Flexible and optional system configuration, combined with various method settings and project scheme exploration, makes the UHPLC compatible with each other; Whether it’s ultra-fast analysis, SFC analysis or simple method evaluation, you can choose the combination of systems that match your goals. The storage and backup of the method database can seamlessly transfer the established method data to the new instrument. The complete method compatibility means that the samples can be analyzed by adjusting the analysis conditions accordingly

Free functional modular upgrade

Each module can be upgraded perfectly to facilitate the seamless integration of your existing equipment, and achieve non-interference method transfer within your budget, so as to achieve
higher analysis performance. In addition, it can be upgraded to a 2D-LC solution for online SPE and 2D HPLC analysis. The performance of the UHPLC can form a more perfect combination with mass spectrometry, so as to realize the seamless connection and integration of LC-MS/MS.

Reduce comprehensive cost and improve return on investment

We provide you with all-round instruments and diversified training services, which can greatly prolong the normal operation time of instruments, simplify management and protect the laboratory investment. Through preventive maintenance, your instrument can be protected from various potential factors, so as to obtain higher efficiency, less maintenance waiting and better comprehensive laboratory efficiency in terms of high quality and ease of operation. Help the application experiment to shorten the analysis time, reduce the solvent loss, reduce the cost of comprehensive application experiment, and greatly improve the comprehensive return on investment of the laboratory on the basis of compliance with strict regulations.

Detail Specification BARCOV HPLC BRQ-4000


Pump P12 P20 P22 P40 VP22 P60
Product Isocratic pump Binary pump Binary pump Quarternary pump Binary pump  Dual ternary gradient pump
 Gradient Model None Binary high pressure gradient Binary high pressure gradient
Two 2-way solvent selector valves are standard
Quaternary gradient Binary high pressure gradient
Standard 2 sets of “2-way solvent selection valve”
Ternary gradient proportional valve
Binary high pressure gradient
Online Degassing None None 2-channel(480uL/channel) 4-channel(480uL/channel) 2-channel(480uL/channel) 6-channel(480uL/channel)
Optional Online Degassing  Optional  1-channel(480uL/channel)
Max.Pressure 10,500 PSI(72MPa) (@0-2mL/min)
6,000 PSI(41MPa) (@2-5mL/min)
3,000 PSI(21MPa) (@5-10mL/min)
10,500 PSI(72MPa) (@0-2mL/min)
6,000 PSI (41MPa)(@2-5mL/min)
10,500 PSI(72MPa) (@0-2mL/min)
6,000 PSI(41MPa) (@2-5mL/min)
3,000 PSI(21MPa) (@5-10mL/min)
Flow Rate Range 0.001 mL/min – 10.000 mL/min (increment 0.001mL/min) 0.001 mL/min – 5.000 mL/min (increment 0.001mL/min) 0.001 mL/min – 10.000 mL/min (increment 0.001mL/min)
Flow Rate Accuracy ±0.5% (@1mL/min,Water)
Flow Rate Precision ≤0.1%      (@1mL/min,Water) (JJG)
≤0.06% RSD (@1mL/min,Water) (ASTM)
Pressure Pulsation ≤1% (@1mL/min,Water,>10Mpa)
Gradient Accuracy None ±0.5%
Gradient Precision None ≤0.2% SD
Online Wash None Standard
Weight 18 Kg 22 Kg 23 Kg 20Kg 23 Kg 24 Kg
Size 550 mm(D)× 400 mm(W)× 180 mm(H)
Power 100 VAC – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 150 Wmax

BARCOV HPLC BRQ-4000 Auto Sampler

Auto sampler A10 A50
Product Standard Auto sampler Large sample size
Sampling mode Suction type (Full loop, Partial Loop & μL pick-up)
Volume of Sample loop Standard 100μL;
Optional:20 μL/50  μL
Standard 1000μL;
Optional: 500 μL
Max. Sampling volume Full loop= Loop volume;   Partial Loop=1/2 loop volume;  μL pick-up=(Loop volume-3*Needle valume)/2
Sample volume 2*54 1.5ml vials 108  (Standard), optional:96*2 well plate
Dosing pump volume Standard 500 μL Standard 1000 μL
Sampling Repeatability Full loop≤0.3% RSD;   Partial Loop≤0.3% RSD (≥5μL) & ≤0.5% RSD (≥2μL);  μL pick-up≤1.0% RSD
Cross Contamination <0.0025% (Fixed method and condition)
Pressure limit 6000 PSI optional: 9000 PSI
High pressure distribution valve Standard 1 set, optional 2 sets for realizing SPE function
Sample compartment temperature +4-room temperature (Optional)
Interface RS232; LAN
Weight 22 KG
Size 550mm(D)× 400 mm(W)× 280 mm(H)
Power 100 VAC-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 75 Wmax.

BARCOV HPLC BRQ-4000 Column Oven

Column oven C10
Product Standard Heating function
Temp. control mode Forced Air circulation
Temp. Range Ambient +5℃ – 85℃
Temp Accuracy ±1.0 ℃
Temp stability ±0.1 ℃
Column capacity Max. 4 x 300mm column
Column switch Optional 2 sets for SPE or Muti-D Choromatography
Weight 15 Kg
Size 550 mm(D)× 150 mm(W)× 480 mm(H)
Power 100 VAC – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 200 Wmax

BARCOV HPLC BRQ-4000 UV-Vis Detector

UV-VIS Detector D08 D10
Product UV UV-VIS
Wavelength 190 nm – 600 nm 190 nm – 900 nm
Light Source Deuterium lamp Deuterium lamp,Tungsten lamp
Spectral Width 8 nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±1 nm
Wavelength Precision 0.2 nm
Noise ±5.0×10-6   AU (JJG)
±3.5×10-6  AU (ASTM)
Drift 1×10-4  AU/Hr
Linear Range >5×104 (JJG)
>2.5AU (ASTM)
Max.Sampling Rate 100 Hz
Flowcell  Volume :12 μL, Light Path:10 mm,Max.pressure 1200 PSI
Detection Limit 5×10-9 g/mL(naphthalene)
Weight 11 Kg
Size 550 mm(D)× 400 mm(W)× 180 mm(H)
Power 100 VAC – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 90 Wmax

BARCOV HPLC BRQ-4000 Diode Array Detector

Diode Array Detector D20
Wavelength 190 nm – 640 nm
Light Source Deuterium lamp
Diode 1024 Pixels, 0.6nm/pixel
Spectral Width 6 nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±1 nm
Wavelength Precision ±0.1 nm
Noise ±1.0×10-5   AU(JJG) 0.75×10-5   AU(ASTM)
Drift <0.5×10-3  AU/Hr
Linear Range >2.0AU (ASTM)
Max.Sampling Rate 100 Hz
Minimal Testing concentration 2×10-8 g/mL
Channel 12 CHS, full spectrum scan
Flowcell  Volume :2 μL, Light Path:10 mm,Max.pressure 900 PSI
12 μL, Light Path:60 mm,Max.pressure 900 PSI
Detection Limit 5×10-9 g/mL(naphthalene)
Weight 11 Kg
Size 550 mm(D)× 400 mm(W)× 180 mm(H)
Power 100 VAC – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 90 Wmax

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