Dissolution Tester DIS 6000

In many laboratories, bench space is at a premium. The DIS 6000 has been designed as a direct response to this problem. With a footprint of just 650 x 450 x 640 mm (w x d x h), the DIS 6000 is one of the most compact dissolution testers available on the market today.

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The unit has six stirred test vessels arranged in two rows of three.

Heating is provided by an independent digital 1250 W heater/circulator, which obviates the need for priming and can be quickly removed for cleaning, without compromising the whole tester.

The digital heater/circulator is fitted with a special low vibration impellor which in comprehensive tests has proved to be equal to or less, in terms of vibration measurements than an independent heater/circulator.

A low water level and over temperature cut-out is provided as standard.

A common complaint from customers is that their existing tester is overly complex with unnecessary software functionality for day-to-day use.

For this reason, considerable attention was given in the design to ensuring that the number of actions necessary to perform a test was kept to a minimum. Once the test sequence has been initiated, all that is necessary to

start the test is to input the nominal rpm and nominal temperature required, together with the duration of the test and the report interval (the time interval during the test at which the actual rpm and temperature is logged and subsequently reported), introduce the samples and press START.

During the test the following information is shown on the display:

  • Nominal and actual rpm
  • Nominal and actual temperature
  • Preset test duration and time elapsed

An audible alarm alerts the user that the test is completed.

The dissolution tester is provided with both parallel and USB ports as standard for printout of time, date, bath identifcation, serial number and date of calibration, together with the speed and temperature at operator selectable time intervals during the test.

A bi-directional RS232 Interface on the back panel allows communication with external devices and incorporation into automated systems.

In all other respects, the Dissolution Tester DIS 6000 is similar in construction to the DIS 8000 described on the preceding pages.

Inside Diameter 101.19 +/- 0.13 mm
Inside Spherical Radius 50.59 +/- 0.13 mm
Height (Inside Spherical Radius to top) 154.75 +/- 0.50 mm
Flange OD 120.00 +/- 0.50 mm
Flange Thickness 3.50 +/- 0.50 mm
Perpendicularity (Inside Vessel Dia. To Flange Underside 0.50 mm Max

The DIS 6000 has been designed as a direct response to this problem. With a footprint of just 650 x 450 x 640 mm (w x d x h), the DIS 6000 is one of the most compact dissolution testers available on the market today.

The Dissolution Tester DIS 8000 represents the very latest in tablet testing technology. CNC production techniques combined with modern microprocessor design guarantees the highest standards of performance and reliability.

The Testers have been specifically designed for use in the quality and production control of normal, plain coated and delayed release coated tablets and gelatin capsules in accordance with the specifications as laid down in European, United States and associated Pharmacopoeias.

Based on an original design by Roche, the friability tester has now become an accepted standard throughout the pharmaceutical industry for determining the resistance of uncoated tablets to the abrasion and shock experienced in manufacturing, packing and shipping operations.

Together with friability testing, the testing of a tablet’s hardness (or more correctly breaking force) plays a vital role in both product development and subsequent quality control.

The Delivered or Emitted Dose is the total amount of drug emitted from the inhaler device and hence available to the user.

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