RT PCR DTPrime DNA Technology

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Gambar Produk RT PCR DTPrime DNA Technology

Overview Product RT PCR DTPrime DNA Technology

DTprime real-time PCR instrument is used for qualitative and quantitative analysis of DNA and RNA targets. DTprime is an optimum choice for diagnostic laboratories with high throughput workflow when performing routine analyses and for research organizations where optimization and fine-tuning adjustments are important. The instrument can be used for qualitative and quantitative analysis in the fields of:

  • Human genetics.
  • Gene Expression profiling.
  • Pathogen detection, quantification and genotyping.
  • Microbiome composition analysis.

The software with user-friendly interface, common to all DT real-time PCR instruments, controls the instrument. Original software lowers the probability of mistakes and is used for sophisticated assays requiring multiple settings application.

Advantages of RT PCR DTPrime DNA Technology

  • Tubes Height Measurement system provides “openness” of the instrument to different types of plastic (low and high profile; flat and domed caps; strips, plates).
  • Simultaneous detection of a fluorescent signal in all wells of the matrix provides uniformity of detection and high speed of the instrument.
  • Narrow range filters (cross-talk cut-off function).
  • No “edge effect” – the thermo-block moving and positioning system ensures its movement in the horizontal and vertical positions, which guarantees complete isolation of the reaction tubes from the influence of environmental factors such as light penetration into the optical path and temperature non-uniformity between the edge rows of the matrix and its central part.
  • The hot lid module provides reliable heat contact between tubes and the thermal block plate maintaining temperature of the tube caps at the level of 105±1°С in order to prevent condensate formation on the tube caps, since it may cause substantial distortions in the luminous flux measurements.
  • Data protection system provides stable and safe operation of the instrument in the event of an unstable power supply. All parameters of the current run are recorded in the instrument’s own memory.
  • The software has a plenty of settings allowing advanced users to obtain specific data and finely tune instrument for a given task.
  • Automated filling template in case of usage DNA-Technology PCR kits.
  • Can be integrated into laboratory information systems (LIS) to store data in standard graphic and text formats.
  • Ability to control multiple instruments from a single control computer increases lab productivity and allows you to simultaneously conduct a wide range of PCR tests using kits with different amplification programs.
  • The narrow body and compact design allow you to place several instruments in a small area.

Detail Specifications of RT PCR DTPrime DNA Technology

Parameter Real-time PCR DTprime instruments
DTprime 4М1 DTprime 5М1 DTprime 5М3 DTprime 5М6 DTprime 4Х1 DTprime 5Х1
General Characteristics
Color display:
TFT 129х97 mm
640х480 pix
Increased service life (at least 30 000 hours)
Built-in barcode scanner ­-
Hot lid temperature 105°С±1°С
Automatic test tube height measurement
Warranty period (24 months)
Post-warranty service
Line voltage 100-240 W
Power consumption max 550 W
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Size 210 × 540 × 540 mm
Mass 27 kg
Thermal unit characteristics
Thermal block plate format
Aluminum matrix
Heating and cooling method with 6 Peltier thermoelectric elements
Forced cooling and heating of matrix
No «edge effect»
Number of wells in thermal block 96 96 96 96 384 384
Volume of reaction mixture (allowable), mcl 10 – 100 10 – 100 10 – 100 10 – 100 May-30 May-30
Volume of reaction mixture (recommended), mcl Oct-50 Oct-50 Oct-50 Oct-50 May-25 May-25
Consumables type (separate tubes, stripes, microplates) 0,2 ml 0,2 ml 0,2 ml 0,2 ml 384-well PCR plate 0,045 ml 3 384-well PCR plate 0,045 ml
Isolated pseudo blocks Monoblock Monoblock 3 6 Monoblock Monoblock
Independent temperature control of pseudo blocks with time-synchronous profile ­-
Temperature gradient between pseudo blocks with independent ­- 0-8 0-8 ­-
control, °С
Thermal block temperature range 0-100°С
Temperature accuracy ±0,2°С
Temperature uniformity ±0,15°С
Maximum heating rate of thermal block, °С/sec 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5 2,5 2,5
Maximum cooling rate of thermal block, °С/sec 2,5 2,5 2,5 2,5 1,5 1,5
Average heating rate, °С/sec 3,3 3,3 3,3 3,3 2,1 2,1
Average cooling rate, °С/sec 2,1 2,1 2,1 2,1 1 1
Bidirectional gradient:8 vertical rows and 12 horizontal raws, ºС
Programmable range of bidirectional gradient 0 – 8 ºС ­- ­-
Temperature step (0,1 ºС)
Time increment (discreteness 0,1 sec)
General characteristics of optical system
Excitation source – LED
Number of excitation sources 4 5 5 5 4 5
Spectral range, nm 470 470 470 470 470 470
530 530 530 530 530 530
580 580 580 580 580 580
630 630 630 630 630 630
687 687 687 687
CCD camera
CCD matrix
Number of fluorescence measuring channels 4 5 5 5 4 5
Detection for each channel, nm 515 515 515 515 515 515
560 560 560 560 560 560
620 620 620 620 620 620
660 660 660 660 660 660
731 731 731 731
Simultaneous signal detection in each well
Light filters (absolute isolation of the optical channel from external light)
Eliminated cross-channel effect
Scanning time for all channels is no more than 20 sec.
“Threshold” level of fluorescence 0,05х10Е-12М
Calibrated dyes (per channel) Fam Fam Fam Fam Fam Fam
Hex Hex Hex Hex Hex Hex
Rox Rox Rox Rox Rox Rox
Су5 Су5 Су5 Су5 Су5 Су5
Су5,5 Су5,5 Су5,5 Су5,5
Compatibility with other fluorophores:
    • Fam – SybrGreen
    • Hex – VIC, R6G
No calibrators / need to calibrate
Technology, tests
Dynamic range 9 lg
Melting curves analysis
Absolute and relative quantitative analysis
USB-devices connection
Computer interface
(USB 2.0 high speed)
Integration to LIS
Results export as .xml, .txt
Operating system: Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10, Windows® XP, Windows®Vista

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