Viscometer IVS400-2

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Gambar Produk Viscometer IVS400-2

Precision & Constant Temperature Control Viscometer IVS400-2

Designed for Ubbelohde viscosity Measurement automatically, wildly applied to measure the kinematic viscosity, dynamic viscosity, relative viscosity, specific viscosity, instrnsic viscosity, average molecular weight, etc. Including: Viscometer water bath, cooling system, glass capillary tube, tube holder, Precision thermometer, etc.

Specification Viscometer IVS400-2

Manual sample addition, automatic measurement, automatic calculation, automatic cleaning of the viscosity tube Measuring time range: 0.001-999.99(s) (expandable to 9999.99S) Viscosity range: 0.35-100,000 (mm2/s) Timing display resolution: 0.001 (s), actual resolution: 0.0001 (s) Timing accuracy: better than 0.001s Test temperature: 15~65℃ Uniformity of test temperature field: ≤±0.01℃ Measuring reagent consumption: ≤12ml (single time) Water bath volume: 25 L Test Unit: 2 Power supply: 220V/50Hz Power: 2KW.

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Features Viscometer IVS400-2

  • Display screen controls 6 units at the same time
  • One point method / single concentration method
  • Composed of Stainless steel material
  • Automatic cleaning instead of manual cleaning
  • No need to disassemble ubbelohde viscometer to avoid manmade damage
  • All viscosity formulas present in the system, testing personnel can use them conveniently
  • Data statistics function
  • Provision of basic data for controlling quality of the products
  • Can obtain intrinsic viscosity through one point method

Technical Advantages Viscometer IVS400-2

Can be extended offline cleaning module to reduce the intensity of work; sink cleaning module to reduce the of water change frequency.

IVS Testing Unit

  • Unique design of the pressure & lift block. Easy and safe for connecting the viscometer connection, complete sealing;
  • Using imported stainless steel fiber. Long lasting using, automatic adjust to the light intensity;
  • Unique pipeline design, even if the solution into the pipeline, the use of corrosion-resistant materials will prevent the components;
  • Each unit can works independently;

High Precision VT Series Water Bath

  • Special designed structure keeps the temperature and liquid level constant. Ensures the viscosity measuring experiment reliability;
  • Thermostat observation window;
  • Made of double layer colorless glass, with wide observation view;
  • Led Lighting in the bath, providing good vision;
  • Unique water filtration module to reduce water change frequency.

Control System

  • Can connect to testing unit, up to 6 units. Hot-swappable.
  • Size:245X225X81mm

Cooling System

  • Working continuously, keep the temperature constant;
  • Service life over 500,000 hours.
  • No cryogen need

Viscobee Software English Operation Interface Easily Operation Viscometer IVS400-2

  • Displays the operating status of each viscosity measurement station visually, it controls up to 6 measuring stations at the same time;
  • After starting the measurement unit without caretaker, automatic continuous test until the test is completed;
  • Intelligence data can be determined;
  • Single viscometer multi-concentration serial extrapolation function;
  • Authority level operation,User management;
  • Original data encryption, FDA, GLP on the experimental data management requirements

One Point Method

The intrinsic viscosity is obtained with the One point method, which can be done very quickly in any configuration of the IVS400 series because the measurement requires only a single concentration SchulzBlaschke Point/ slope method Maron SulmonCiuta Billmeyer Martin Huggins.

Packing List Viscometer IVS400-2

No. Item No. Content Quantity
1 10130000 IVS Measuring Unit 2 units
2 10334100 MIVS Measuring Unit 1 Set
3 10226000 VT-2 Constant Temperature Water Bath 1 unit
4 10740000 SC400 cooling system 1 unit
5 60100100 Ubbelohde Capillary Tube 2 units
6 60100320 Tube holder 2 units
7 60100336 4 tube holder stands 1 unit
8 60100550 Large grommet 10 pieces
9 60100560 Small grommet 20 pieces
10 20010111 0.01℃Standard thermometer 1 unit
11 / Vacuum pump V80 1 Set
12 / Connection Hub 2 Set
13 43001800 Installation package (including connecting cable, power cable, insulating tube, water pipe) 1 Set
14 Computer (Optional) 1 Set

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