Heavy Metal Digestor SH230N

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Heavy Metal Digestor SH230N
Alat Laboratorium Heavy Metal Digestor SH230N

Overview Heavy Metal Digestor SH230N

SH230N Heavy Metal Digestor, with the advantages of rapid disintegration, high efficiency, convenience and large processing capacity, is suitable for food, medicine, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, chemical, biochemical and other industries, as well as higher education institutions, scientific research departments on soil, feed, food, ore, etc.

It is suitable for use with atomic absorption, atomic fluorescence, ICP-AES and other analytical instruments.

Detail Product Heavy Metal Digestor SH230N

  • The temperature inside the furnace is continuously adjustable, the temperature of the controlled point is constant, the heat transfer efficiency is high, and the instrument is easy to operate.
  • The Teflon coating can effectively prevent the corrosion of the instrument by the acid and acid gas generated during the digestion process.
  • Deflector tank design prevents acid from splashing into the circuit during the experiment
  • Over-voltage, over-current, overheating and other multiple protections for the whole machine
  • Embedded software temperature control technology, precise, stable and uniform temperature control, small average temperature difference in the furnace, good consistency of sample digestion
  • Intelligent monitoring of the working status of each heating unit, real-time control of instrument operation
  • Eco-friendly fiber and air duct insulation for better insulation
  • Teflon and borosilicate glass test tubes are available
  • Surrounding three-dimensional heating, so that all parts of the sample are evenly heated, to prevent the maximum extent of heat dissipation
  • Real-time human-machine dialogue, experiment time to cut off the output

More precise temperature control for digestion

The upgraded embedded automatic software temperature control technology makes the temperature control more accurate. The instrument’s own advanced timing device makes time control easy. Inheriting the common features of Hanon SH series digestion instruments, the choice of materials for the whole machine combines uniform thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, showing technology and humanistic atmosphere everywhere.

Environmentally durable and safe

Specially selected professional Teflon coating, polymer compound made of polytetrafluoroethylene by polymerization has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, sealing, high lubrication non-stick, electrical insulation and good anti-aging ability. Without any insulation materials exposed, both environmentally friendly and beautiful, but also to avoid the consequences of acid and acid gas corrosion of insulation materials caused by poor insulation.

Personalized configuration and wide range of applications

According to the experimental needs, two kinds of cuvettes, PTFE and borosilicate glass, can be selected, which fully expands the scope of the user’s acid for disintegration. It is suitable for food, medicine, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, chemical industry, biochemistry and other industries, as well as higher education institutions, scientific research departments for the chemical analysis of soil, feed, heavy metals, ores and other chemical analysis before the sample digestion treatment, can be used with atomic absorption, atomic fluorescence, ICP-AES and other analytical instruments.

Technical Parameter Heavy Metal Digestor SH230N

Product Model SH230N
Temperature control range Room temperature +5℃~ 450℃
Temperature control accuracy ±0.1°C
Heating method Infrared heating and high purity graphite conduction
Thermal insulation Eco-friendly fiber and air duct insulation
Anti-corrosion on the upper surface of the housing Part stainless steel Part Teflon
Digestion tube Glass tube with scale 50mL (full capacity 100mL)
PTFE tube without scale (full capacity 70mL)
Processing Capacity 30pcs/lot
Power supply 220V AC±10% 50Hz
Power Rating 3.6KW
Dimension (L×W×H) 515mm421mmX211mm
Net weight 22Kg

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