Fat Analyzer SOX406

Dibawah ini adalah informasi produk dari Fat Analyzer SOX406. Merupakan alat laboratorium yang digunakan untuk melakukan ekstraksi pada sample lemak atau minyak. Untuk diskusi produk bisa menghubungi kontak PT. Andaru Persada Mandiri via whatsapp 087777277740 atau telepon 0251-7504679.

Fat Analyzer SOX406
Alat Laboratorium Fat Analyzer SOX406

Overview Fat Analyzer SOX406

SOX406 Fat Analyzer is based on the Soxhlet extraction principle and integrates such functions as soaking, extraction, leaching, heating, condensation, and solvent recovery. It features sealed metal bath heating with automatic temperature control, ensuring uniform heating and safe operation; six samples can be tested at the same time, and optimal temperature can be selected according to the difference between reagent boiling point and ambient temperature to achieve quick analysis; reagents can also be recycled to reduce test cost; and soaking, extraction and solvent recovery can be done in one step. Therefore, this device is characterized by reasonable design, stable performance, good reproducibility, high accuracy, easy operation, saving time and effort, and so on.

Scope of application

SOX406 Fat Analyzer can quickly separate one substance from solid or semi-solid mixtures, can determine the soluble organic compounds contained in foods, feeds, medicines, soil, sludge, polymers, fiber products, petrochemical products, detergents, rubber, plastics, and other materials.


  • Integral metal heating, while the scope and high precision of temperature control
  • The electric circuit is isolated from the extraction space, ensuring devices security
  • Over-temperature alarming and timer reminding functions are available
  • The timer circuit is isolated from the extraction space, ensuring device security
  • Triple alarms i.e. sound, light, LCD screen word prompts are available
  • Abundant interface contents give simultaneous display of given temperature, actual temperature, given time, and heating time
  • The lifting connection of linear bearing conduction technique gives smooth and comfortable lifting operation
  • Intelligent man-machine dialogue control system
  • Exclusive air insulation technique leaves the case in room temperature, has thermal insulation and temperature maintenance two functions
  • 4.3″ LCD screen and microcomputer control system are adopted

Technical Parameter Fat Analyzer SOX406

Temperature range Room temperature +5℃~280℃
Measuring range 0~100%
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
Sample weight 0.5~15g(generally 2~5g,depending on sample)
Capacity per batch 6pcs/batch
Solvent cup volume 80mL
Solvent recovery ≥80%
Shortened extraction time 20~80%
Power supply 220VAC±10%, 50Hz
Power 1KW
Dimensions 650mm×320mm×715mm
Net Weight 35Kg

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