Dumas Nitrogen Protein Analyzer D50/D200

Dibawah ini adalah informasi produk dari Dumas Nitrogen Protein Analyzer D50/D200. Adalah alat laboratorium yang digunakan untuk menalisis kandungan protein dan nitrogen pada sample dengan serangkaian proses. Untuk diskusi produk bisa menghubungi kontak PT. Andaru Persada Mandiri via whatsapp 087777277740 atau telepon 0251-7504679.

Dumas Nitrogen Protein Analyzer D50/D200
Alat Laboratorium Dumas Nitrogen Protein Analyzer D50/D200

Overview Dumas Nitrogen Protein Analyzer D50/D200

Hanon Dumas Nitrogen/Protein Analyzer determines the nitrogen/protein content of samples through combustion, purification, reduction, and thermal conductivity detection. It efficiently analyzes a single sample in 4 minutes without pretreatment and reacts in a nontoxic and harmless way to ensure safety and environmental friendliness.

Detail Product Dumas Nitrogen Protein Analyzer D50/D200

Considerable: a 1-disc 120-position autosampler (D200 only) is adopted to directly analyze a large number of samples

Quick: the fast cooling function helps the device reach the shutdown temperature in 30 minutes

Premium: core pneumatic components of SMC® and mass flow controllers of Bronkhorst® retain the reliability for a long time

Cost-effective: new consumables and efficient metal condenser dewatering technologies extend the service life

Two-stage combustion and oxidation: pure oxygen combustion in the primary combustion tube facilitates preliminary oxidation and digestion of a sample; the remaining part slides through the secondary combustion tube, together with the carrier gas, and is completely digested after being oxidized by the mixture of Pt catalyst and copper oxide;

Three-stage dewatering: most of water is removed by an electronic condenser so that the desiccant can work; traces of water is removed by primary and secondary drying tubes;

Efficient reduction: an efficient reduction agent reduces nitrogen oxides to nitrogen gas and absorbs excess oxygen;

TCD detection: the thermal conductivity detector (TCD) can determine the nitrogen produced by reduction.


The Dumas Nitrogen/Protein Analyzer is widely used to determine the total nitrogen content in diesel exhaust fluid, cereals (grain), seeds, meat, meat products, animal feed, dairy products, red wine, fertilizers and soil.

  • AOAC uses the Dumas method as a standard method for the determination of crude protein content in grains and oilseeds, meat/meat products and animal feed.
  • ISO uses the Dumas method for the quality assessment of cereals , pulses, ground cereal products, oilseeds and animal feed.
  • AACC and ICC use this method to determine grain protein content.
  • ISO and DIN (German Industrial Standards) also use this method for evaluating dairy products.
  • AOAC and ISO/DIN use this method as the standard method for the determination of total nitrogen in fertilizers and soils.
  • ISO, 2015, Natural raw rubber and natural latex Determination of nitrogen content by this method.

Product Features

Sampling System

  • The 1-disc 120-position autosampler(D200 Only) can conduct a direct analysis of a large sample size
  • SMC® pneumatic components can inject samples for 100,000 times, with low maintenance costs
  • The contactless in-situ detection function provided by anti-interference infrared modules can interrupt self-test and pop up messages to avoid maloperation if the sampling disc is occupied (D200 Only)
  • Users can add samples freely during preparation (either solid or liquid) to enhance experimental efficiency, without stopping the automatic analysis.

Combustion Furnace System

  • High-temperature, pure oxygen, and the two-stage combustion process ensure thorough oxidation and digestion
  • An efficient metal condenser and two-stage desiccants can completely remove water.The desiccants can be reused for 2,000 times.
  • New consumables can reduce nitrogen oxide, absorb excess oxygen, and prolong the service life. Both combustion and reduction tubes can be reused for 1,000 times.

Pneumatic System

  • A two-stage regulator eliminates the impact of external pressure fluctuations and combustion-induced pressure changes on the detector system to ensure stability
  • PTFE fittings and SMC® quick couplers allow for clear observation of Contaminants and toolless maintenance
  • The combustion tube and joint of an original pneumatic connector (patent number: CN106443029B) support easy assembly and disassembly to eliminate air leakage caused by irreversible wear of ferrule compression fittings

Software Function

Windows Chinese Version streamlines operation and improves efficiency. Click to configure parameters and conditions, and control the computer to gather, process, store and print out data.

  • Wireless communication of balance data: an industrial wireless communication module automatically collects weight data, with the max distance of 100m. The data display window and voice authentication function can adjust value (D200 Only)
  • Air leakage inspection: the gas path can be checked automatically or manually for the convenience of users
  • Custom lab report: report format, company name and logo, etc. can be customized
  • Standby/wake-up function: it reduces the on/off frequency and enhances the experimental efficiency. Carrier gas, power consumption and cost are lowered in standby mode
  • Intelligent oxygenation function: the software adds oxygen subject to changes in conditions and samples to save reduction agents.
  • Solution library: a solution library is built in and there’ s no need to develop new approaches
  • Periodic maintenance reminder: time and cycle of consumable replacement are determined based on sample features, quantity, oxygen consumption, etc., and reminders will be issued timely
  • Self-diagnosis: if experimental conditions are not up to standard or not prepared, users can choose from 23 fault diagnosis methods to automatically raise a pop-up alarm
  • Data processing: experimental results can be easily reached by RSD and mean value calculation
  • Calibration method: accurate experimental data are output by one point or multiple points
  • Audit trail: the software has developed user permission hierarchy rules for easy traceability in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11(D200 Only)
  • LIMS: the software share data with the laboratory information management system

Working Environtment

Power supply 220V AC ±10% 50Hz
Computer A laptop or a desktop operated with Windows 7 or above and equipped with USB or RS 232 interface
Temperature 5℃~30℃
Humidity ≤85%

Technical Parameters Dumas Nitrogen Protein Analyzer D50/D200

Analysis efficiency 3-4 min each
Weighing accuracy ≤0.1mg
Detection range 0.1-500mg nitrogen
Detection recovery rate ≥99.5%
Relative standard deviation (RSD) ≤0.5% (150mg standard 10% nitrogen)
LOD 0.01mg nitrogen
Sample weight Solid ≤1g, liquid ≤1mL
Operating system Windows 7 and above
Sampler D200:1 disc x 120 1 disc x 40 positions D50:1 disc x 60 positions
Detector TCD
TCD accuracy ≤0.01℃
Carrier gas CO2
Furnace temperature 1200℃ (MAX)
Carrier gas purity 99999%
Oxygen purity 99999%
Internal module communication mode RS-485 bus
Peripheral interface RS232, USB
Correction method Linear or nonlinear calibration, custom calibration curve
Rated power 2000W
Dimensions (L×W×H) 735mm×560mm×560mm
Net weight 80kg

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