CO2 Incubator HF 90

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Gambar Produk CO2 Incubator HF 90

HF90 is an air jacketed, direct heat CO2 incubator, with 90 ℃ moist heat decontamination system. Outstanding performance, exceptional ease of use, effortless cleaning and maintenance.

Key Points

  • Preventive contamination control
  • 90℃ decontamination system
  • Superior usability and convenient
  • Precise CO2 control and immediate recovery

Overview and Features CO2 Incubator HF 90

Optimum temperature control CO2 Incubator HF 90

  • A reliable air jacketed heating system combined with PT1000 temperature sensors ensures high precision with homogenous heat distribution in the interior.
  • Outstanding dynamics ensure short recovery times and balance out any fluctuations caused by door open for Heal Force CO2 incubators. This provide reliable protection at any time, particularly for sensitive cultures.

Humidity guarantee & Condensation-free 

The high air humidity prevents cell cultures from drying out and also keeps the osmolarity constant in the culture medium. With our CO2 incubators, you can work with air humidity up to 95% while the interal walls remain completely dry ( In order to prevent contamination, however, no condensation must occur). The patented tilted water reservoir system keeps the air humidity absolutely stable.

Good air quality

 All gas injection lines are filtered via HEPA filter to remove impurities and contaminants before being injected into the chamber. The HEPA filter is able to filter particles larger than 0.3μm at 99.998%.

Easy-to-clean design CO2 Incubator HF 90

The cleaning process is significantly simplified by Heal Force’s unique, seamless, deep-drawn interior chamber, which reduces any areas where contamination could accumulate. Heal Force incubators offer the best usable-space-to-volume ratio due to the total absence of any additional fittings in the interior chamber

Divided, inner glass door

Three inner glass doors (HF90) maintains stable climatic conditions, minimizes any changes to the humidity, heat and gas concentration, shortens recovery times significantly and also further reduces the risk of contamination. This makes it possible for several users to work with the same equipment

Safe for cultivation CO2 Incubator HF 90

  •  Cell cultivation in particular is a highly sensitive process in which bacteria, viruses, fungal spores and mycoplasmas can destroy valuable cultures or distort test results, causing more work. Heal Force solves this problem using a unique design and effective method to ensure sterile conditions.
  • HF90 is equipped with 90℃ moist heat disinfection system. The validated overnight sterilization cycle ensures reliable destruction of germs that could interfere with your work and requires no extra work, such as removal of interior fittings. Mycoplasma is 100% eliminated in a routine disinfection cycle.

Specifications CO2 Incubator HF 90

Model HF 90
Heating System Direct heat and air jacket
Capacity 151L
Interior Type304,stainless steel
Exterior Electrolyzed galvanization
Inner Door 3(standard)
CO2 Sensor TC
O2 Control N/A
Humidifying System Special designed tilted water reservoir
Humidity Sensor N/A
Shelf (Std/Max.) 3,10
Access Port Standard
De-contamination 90°C moist heat disinfection
Data Output RS232

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