Automatic Titrator T960

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Alat Laboratorium Automatic Titrator T960
Automatic Titrator T960

Overview Automatic Titrator T960

The titrator is a high-precision laboratory experimental analysis instrument that uses potentiometric, dead-stop, Karl Fischer, and other titration methods for capacity analysis. It can perform acid-base titration, redox, precipitation, complexation, dead-stop, Karl Fischer moisture, etc. It has the functions of constant titration, micro titration, end point setting titration, volume setting titration and mode titration, etc. At the same time, it can choose or build its own special titration mode according to the actual needs of users.

Hanon T960 series of products can be used in food, drug inspection, disease control, inspection, commodity inspection, water treatment, petroleum, chemical, marine, electric power, environmental protection, new energy, teaching, scientific research, and other fields.

Characteristic Automatic Titrator T960

  • Multi-channel modular combination, which can combine multiple dosing units; supports 4 dosing units to work at the same time, free combination, no need to install and disassemble parts, and each module can be simply side-by-side to form an instrument system
  • 4 types of standard burettes for adding liquid can be selected arbitrarily, and the experimental application is more targeted; standard 10mL, optional 1mL, 5mL, 25mL
  • Built-in dosing unit, multiple guarantees against the danger of reagent spillage; minimize the risk of operators
  • Multiple self-check functions, simplify the operation process and avoid misoperation
  • With the application editing function, the user can generate a special titration mode according to the experiment and store it, and the next one-click retrieval
  • With the audit trail function, the effective operation of the instrument will be recorded in the background and cannot be deleted
  • Have user hierarchical authority management, and can check the specific use authority when creating an account
  • With the function of password aging, each account can set the validity period of the password. After the expiration, it is mandatory to change the password before logging in to the instrument.
  • With password complexity setting, you can set the password complexity according to your needs
  • Support the manual setting of endpoints and save as associated data to reduce unnecessarily repeated experiments

Hybrid Synchronized Liquid Feeding System

Up to 4 channels, any combination of titrants, additives or auxiliary reagents frees the complicated liquid feeding requirements from manual operations.

Built-in Burette

Built-in burette, the burette is built into the instrument, and the burette can be observed externally through the window, so that the solution is separated from the personnel during the running process and avoids spillage and damage to the operator. Volumetric burette optional: 1mL/5mL/10mL/25mL.

Multiple Measurement Modes

MEAS: measure pH/mV/T, CAL: pH calibration, SET setting end point mode, MET equivalent titration, MET equivalent titration second-order derivative method (chlorine ion measurement), DET dynamic titration, constant pH titration, manual titration, etc.

Multiple Titration Modes

Acid-base titration, redox titration, silver volume titration, complexometric titration, dead-stop titration.

Wireless Wi-Fi Module

T9605 wireless Wi-Fi module, the wireless connection between the computer and the titrator, remote control of the instrument, reducing the time when the experimenter is in close contact with chemical reagents.

Technical Parameter Automatic Titrator T960

T960 Basic T960 Pro
Titration module Potentiometric Potentiometric, Dead-stop
mV Measuring range: -2000.0mV~+2000.0mV
mV Measuring: Resolution: 0.1mV,
Accuracy: 0.1mV±0.03%
pH Measuring range: -20.000pH~+20.000pH
pH Measuring: Resolution: 0.001pH
Accuracy: 0.003pH
Temp.Measuring range: -5~120℃
Temp. Accuracy: ±0.1℃
Maximum number of titration modules 4 (2 modules in the standard package)
Maximum number of simultaneous filling modules: 4 (2 modules in the standard package)
Burette optional 1mL 5mL 10mL 25mL(10ml burette in the standard package )
Burette resolution 1/1500000
Burette refill time: 16 seconds (100% filling speed)
User grading management system 3 level (Customizable operation permissions)
Audit trail
Controlled by PC
WiFi module
Stirring Magnetic stirring, upper stirring (optional)
Electrode interface type: mV/pH measuring electrode interface, reference electrode interface, mV/pH measuring electrode interface, reference electrode interface,
PT1000 temperature electrode interface PT1000 temperature electrode interface, polarized electrode interface
Autosampler (Optional) Equipped with 1 independent analysis station, optional 16-position 100mL autosampler, 12-position 250mL autosampler, and 18-position 50mL autosampler

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