Automatic Kjeldahl Digestor SH520/SH508

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Automatic Kjeldahl Digestor SH520/SH508
Instrumen Laboratorium Automatic Kjeldahl Digestor SH520/SH508

Overview Product Automatic Kjeldahl Digestor SH520/SH508

Hanon SH520/SH508 Automatic Kjeldahl Digestor is fully automatic digestor adhering to the design concept of “reliable, intelligent and environmentally friendly”, which can automatically complete the digestion process base on Kjeldahl method experiments. SH508/SH520 can be matched with 8 positions or 20 positions according to the number of laboratory samples. At the same time, it adopts an Android system, and the host is combined with a lifting device and scrubber to realize the automation of the entire digestion process.

Characteristic Product

  • Fully automatic operation, using Android system, can control the lifting device and the exhaust gas neutralization device simultaneously, effectively improving the experimental efficiency and reducing the risk of exhaust gas leakage.
  • Equipped with a lifting function, the tube rack is automatically raised and lowered with the experiment program, reducing laboratory labor cost and shorting cooling time.
  • Using an aluminum deep-hole heating module, which can improve the heating effect of the digestor and avoid bumping.
  • The use of ceramic and air duct heat insulation has excellent heat preservation ability, effectively reducing the energy consumption of the digestor.
  • Real-time monitoring function, the actual temperature can be displayed in real-time and the heating data and digestion process can be recorded and reviewed.
  • Built-in 8G data storage, which can store unlimited experimental information, and can query historical digestion methods and heating curves at any time.
  • Pre-install more than 20 methods, and more than 500 methods can be customized and stored.
  • The above digestion methods are simple and easy to use.
  • The heating rate can be programmed, and adopt fuzzy PID temperature control technology.
  • While accurately controlling the temperature, the heating rate can be adjusted.
  • Compliance with 21CFR Part 11. Include audit trial and other information.
  • Have two data transmission methods, WiFi and USB for backup and viewing of historical data.
  • The housing is made of high-grade anti-corrosion and Teflon coating, which can withstand high temperatures and strong acid corrosion.

WD03 Manifold

  • Adopt PFA sealing cover, with long service life.
  • The sealing cover adopts a snap-on design, which is easy to replace.
  • Equipped with water jet vacuum device, no power supply required.
  • Professional drip tray design to reduce the harm caused by acid liquid pollution and corrosion.

S403 Scrubber

  • In the process of exhaust gas neutralization, cooling and chemical absorption are used to recover exhaust gas to improve exhaust gas recovery efficiency.
  • Scrubber can be controlled by SH508/520 Digestor
  • The use of PTFE corrosion-resistant pipeline design increases the service life.


Equipped with an automatic lifting, no labor is required. After the digestion, the tube rack is automatically lifted to cool down quickly, at the same time, the Digestor is equipped with an independent cooling support, which is flexible and compact, and the sample can be quickly cooled to room temperature.

High Productivity

The Digestor can control the lifting device and the Scrubber simultaneously, without separate operation.


With multi-protection function, the digestor will automatically alarm when overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating and failure occur.

Technical Parameter Automatic Kjeldahl Digestor SH520/SH508

Model SH520 SH508
Temperature Range Room temperature +5℃~450℃ Room temperature +5℃~450℃
Temperature accuracy ±1℃ ±1℃
Heating Method Electric heating tube Electric heating tube
Digestion Tube 300mL 300mL / 380mL
Digestion Capacity 20 Positions 8 Positions
Lifting Yes Yes
Mainfold Yes Yes
Scrubber Optional Optional
Interface WIFI / USB WIFI / USB
Power Supply AC 220±10%V(50±1)Hz AC 220±10%V(50±1)Hz
Rated Power 2300W 1400W
Dimension(LxWxH) 305mm*590mm*151mm 328mm*440mm*151mm
Net Weight 21Kg 15Kg

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