High Performance Liquid Chromatography(HPLC) L-3000

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High Performance Liquid Chromatography Image
High Performance Liquid Chromatography Image

Overview High Performance Liquid Chromatography(HPLC) L-3000

Excellent Performance : L-3000 HPLC System, 9000PSI working pressure, 2.5AU Linearity range, 100Hz Sampling rate, Rapid analysis achievable , More efficient, less consume.

Flexible Configuration : Modularized design, Multi-channel pumps, Alternative injection modes, Various detectors, Custom combination.

Professional Service : Instrument installation & various training courses, Application & regulatory compliance service, Remote diagnose & prompt response , Preventive maintenance & service plans, Proactive and comprehensive service.

Typical Configuration High Performance Liquid Chromatography(HPLC) L-3000

Isocratic System with Manual Injector – This isocratic system could deliver one type of mobile phase. By combing the best performance cost ratio, system stability and maintenance simplicity,this system is an ideal solution for routine QA/QC analysis and GPC/SEC application. It can also be simply upgraded into gradient system with autosampler to boost your productivity.

Quaternary System with Autosampler – Quaternary system possesses the advantage of great flexibility, and it can further be automatized by combing our autosampler. This combination could fulfil the complex requirements from pharmacy, agricultural & farming fields. With the control from RITTUN Chromatography workstation, it realized full automatic analysis, report, system flush, shut down and then raised up the efficiency.

Binary System with Autosampler – With excellent gradient precision & optimized delay volume, this binary system plus autosampler is ideal for complex gradient application or be used in combination with mass spectrometry. With the convenience of autosampler and various detector, the user could easily get more data.

Module & Part of High Performance Liquid Chromatography(HPLC) L-3000

  • High Pressure Pump
  • Autosampler
  • UV-Vis Detector
  • Diode Array Detector
  • Solvent Organizer
  • Column Oven

High Pressure Pump

High Pressure Limit – L-3200 serial high pressure pump could reach 9000psi (62Mpa) working pressure with the flow rate up to 10mL/min. This high performance extend the application field from normal HPLC to Fast HPLC. With the help of 100Hz detecting and high precision sampling, you can take advantage of small piratical size column and reduce solvent consumption.

Precise Flow Rate & Gradient – L-3200 serial high pressure injection pump could monitor the pressure status by its digital signal processer and adjust the motor operation status based on working parameters and solvent type. This real time feedback mechanism plus the high performance proportional valve realized the steady flow output as well as precise.

Stable Pressure – L-3200 serial high pressure pump’s pressure pulsation could be controlled under 10psi with best qualitative repeatability based on it state of art patent design, precise engineering and strict quality control.


High Precision – L-3320 autosampler delivers high injection accuracy of 0.3% RSD, thanks to its high precision machining parts and advanced control algorithm. It also employ a design of changeable sampling loop, which extend linearity range and meet the need of more applications.

Low Cross Contamination – The special design of needle washing assembly could clean interior and outside of the sampling needle separately, combing the patented sampling needle design and extra precision inner and outer polishing technology, it could reduce the carryover of sample and avoid cross contamination.

Multi Injection Mode – L-3320 support three sampling mode including full loop, partial loop and micro pick-up injection for different requires. It could be easily choice in the method editor without hardware replacement.

UV-Vis Detector

High Sampling Rate – As support by unique high speed signal processing technology, L-3500 UV-VIS detector realized 100 Hz sampling rate, which make the detection of narrow peak with width lower than 5s possible. This high sampling rate also helps to record the chromatography peak accurately and get the best resolution.

Wilder Linearity Range – Adopt unique light path design, multi color optical filter and high quality grating, the detector realized more lower stray light, and extend the linearity range to 2.5AU.

Low Noise – L-3500 have a high performance SNR by the patent electric and structure design.

Diode Array Detector

High Resolution Full Spectrum Scanning – L-3520 has a 1024 diode array sensor with pixel resolution of 0.6nm. Combine with high quality optical grating, it could record full high resolution spectrum while chromatogram recording.

High Sensitivity – L-3520 realized ± 0.6×10-5 AU noise level by its advanced optical and electric design, and gain more lower detection limit.

High Sampling Rate – RITTUN remains and advances the high sampling rate character of UV detector, and keep 100 Hz sampling rate with full spectrum scanning. Users can acquires high resolution spectrum, and also could extract chromatogram for quantitative analysis.

Solvent Organizer

Ultra Experience Operating – L-3000 HPLC system equipped with L-3100 serial solvent organizer, which could remove the bubble influence effectively, and reduce the pressure fluctuation & base line noise.

Pole Washing System – The washing system composed with solvent organizer and pump coordination, it could wash the pole and sealing ring salt crystallization and prolong the service life.

High Efficiency Degasser – L-3120 solvent organizer equipped with 2-Channel degasser which will remove the remaining gas dissolution in the mobile phrase, and make the pump operation more stabilized and reduce the base line noise.

Column Oven

Excellent Testing Results – L-3000 HPLC system work with L-3400 column oven, which could minimize the impact of environmental factors and then guarantee the superior results.

Preheating Function – Via preheating treatment, mobile phrase will be reach rated temperature before coming into the column, so avoid the unbalance temperature status in the column, then avoid the influence of temperature floatation also.

Precision Temperature Control – L-3400 utilized the semiconductor heating technology, and avoid the over shoot of temperature raising, then ensure the stable temperature raising and precision control.

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