High Performance Liquid Chromatography(HPLC) L-3000

HPLC Modules - L-3120 Solvent Organizer
HPLC Modules - L-3220 Binary Pump
HPLC Modules - L-3320 Injection System
HPLC Modules - L-3400 Column Oven
HPLC Modules - L-3500 UV-VIS Detector

RIGOL L-3000 HPLC Systems were designed in accordance with UHPLC standard, with an outstanding operating pressure limit 9,000 psi, that’s the highest pressure range compare to similar HPLC system.

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RIGOL LC systems own independent intellectual property rights, all of the key units/modules are of autonomous design and manufacturing.It can be widely used in the fields of pharmaceutical, biochemical, environmental, food safety, petrochemical engineering, agriculturaland etc.


Flexible and Easy to use

Modular design, with excellent flexibility. Multi-channel liquid system, easy to switch the mobile phase

High Automated

Automatic analysis, reporting, system flushing and shutdown, make the work efficiency greatly improved

Excellent Gradient Performance

Due to the innovative gradient system design, excellent gradient response can be achieved in any cases

Lower Delay Volume

Lower system delay volume, faster and more accurate response to gradient changes

Patented Technologies

Strong R & D team and industry-leading technical strength, all products are self-developed, with a number of patented technologies

Multiple Detectors

Withthe control of RIGOLChromatographyDataSystems, L-3000LCSystem can be fitted with a variety of detectorsor combination

With Excellent High Quality Help Your Analysis Comprehensively

  • Up to 8000PSI operational pressure. Higer working pressure extends the dynamic range in the application of chromatographic analysis, and improves the durability and reliability of the entire system.
  • Up to 2.5 AU linear range of the detector, allows accurate analysis for widely varying sample concentrations, either with high concentrated substance(s) or trace component(s).
  • Up to100Hz data sampling rate,allows sharper peak(s) detection and enables ultra fast analysis.
  • As low as 5×10-9 g/mL detection limit, creating higher sensitivity with lower noise floor.
  • Proprietary automatic solvent-compressibility compensation and pulsation dampening technologies enable excellent analysis reproducibility.
  • Patented propulsion technology and ultrafine NC processing provide excellent system durability.
  • User-friendly HPLC workstation, complies with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GLP, GMP regulations.
Flow Rate Range0.001mL/ min – 10.000mL/ min
Flow Rate Accuracy±0.5% (@1mL/ min, water)
Max Pressureup to 9,000 psi
Volume of Sample Loop100μL (optional for 10, 20 and 100)
Column Oven Temperature Accuracy±1 °C

RIGOL L-3000 HPLC Systems were designed in accordance with UHPLC standard, with an outstanding operating pressure limit 9,000 psi, that’s the highest pressure range compare to similar HPLC system.

The L-3100 Series Solvent Organizer configured in L-3000 HPLC System,can be equipped with high efficiency degasser,which will removethe remaining gas dissolved in the mobile phaseand make the pump operation more stabilized. And the standard on-line washing system modulecanreal-time clean the salt crystallization on plunger rod and sealing ring to prolong the service life.

L-3200 Series High Pressure Pump could reach 9000psi (62MPa) working pressure with the flow rate up to 10mL/min. This high performance extend the application field from normal HPLC to Fast HPLC. L-3200 serial high pressure pump provides isocratic, binary and quaternary model base on request: Isocratic pump for regular QA/QC usage, Binary pump for high-throughput & fast analysis, Quaternary pump for pharmaceutical, food and environmental test.

L-3320 Autosampler delivers high injection precision of 0.3% RSD, thanks to its high precision machining parts and advanced control algorithm. It also employs a design of multiple injection mode and changeable sampling loop, which extend linearity range and meet the need of more applications.

Semiconductor temperature control technology is used in L-3400 Column Ovento ensure the stable temperature raising and precise temperature control. L-3400 Column Oven is equipped in L-3000 HPLC system to minimize the environmental impact and results in better results.

L-3500 UV-Vis Detector uses a unique high-speed signal processing technology, a unique light path design and a patented circuit and structure design to achieve ultra-high sampling rates of 100Hz with a wider linearity range and higher signal to noise ratio.

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