Abbe Refractometer Digital

Digital Abbe refractometer (AR2008) – Refractive index and % Brix can be measured and displayed digitally.

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The AR2008 determines the refractive index between nD 1.3000–1.7200 and the sugar content in the range of 0–95 %Brix of liquid, viscous as well as solid samples. The dry substance content in % and the dispersion value nF-nC can be calculated. The output of the measurement results is performed digitally. The refractive index of the Brix value is shown on the LED display together with the temperature.

  • Measurement of liquid, viscous and solid samples, regardless of their turbidity, viscosity, transparency and absorption
  • Suitable for the measurement of foils and solids
  • Large measuring range of nD 1.3000-1.7200 and 0-95%Brix
  • Electronic evaluation of the measured data
  • Integrated thermometer
  • Automatic temperature compensation for the Brix scale can be optionally activated
  • Connections for temperature control with a circulating thermostat
  • Robust housing and easy handling
  • Serial interfaces for PC or printer (RS-232, RS-422)

Typical applications

The Abbe refractometers have a wide range of applications in the chemical, petro- and food industry, in hospitals, pharmacies and research offices, as well as in research and teaching. The special feature is the possibility to measure not only liquid and viscous samples but also solids and foils. Main application fields are:]

  • Identity test, purity control and concentration determination of raw materials, semi-finished products and end products
  • Determination of the sugar concentration
  • Incoming and outgoing goods inspection
  • Purity control
  • Testing of food and pharmaceutical products
  • Testing of the compliance with national and international standards
  • Training

Abbe Refractometer AR2008 with Circulating Thermostat PT80

Circulating thermostat PT80

The PT80 is a high-quality circulating thermostat with Peltier technology that covers with a temperature range between 5 and 80 °C all basic temperature control applications in the lab. The desired temperature can be adjusted and read on a user-friendly touch screen display. The thermostat can be coupled to a PC via the RS -232 interface. We developed the PT80 specifically for the sample preparation and temperature control of our high quality laboratory instruments such as the polarimeter, digital refractometer or Abbe refractometer.

SCALESBrechungsindex (nD)
Konzentration von Saccharose [%Brix]
0–95 %Brix
ACCURACYnD ±0.0002
±0.1 %Brix
0.1 %Brix
CONTROLDigital evaluation


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Digital Abbe refractometer (AR2008) – Refractive index and % Brix can be measured and displayed digitally.

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