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Hanon adalah brand alat laboratorium yang masuk dalam kategori terbaik di dunia. Berfokus pada research and scientific instrumen, produk hanon dapat anda andalkan dalam hubungannya dengan laboratorium analisis.


4th Floor, Building 1, A3 Zone, Financial Business Center of Hanyu, High-Tech Development District, Jinan, China, 250101


Focus Product

Spectrum/Chromatography, Organic Element Analysis, Sample Pretreatment, Physical Optics, Eletrochemistry, General Lab Equipment, Pumps & Valves, GC-IMS.

Special Product

Kjeldahl System, Fat Analyzer, Fiber Analyzer, Dumas Nitrogen Protein Analyzer, Microwave Digestion/Extraction, Microwave Synthesis System, dll.

Hanon SH520/SH508 Automatic Kjeldahl Digestor is fully automatic digestor adhering to the design concept of “reliable, intelligent and environmentally friendly”.

Hanon K1160 Automatic Kjeldahl Protein/Nitrogen Analyzer is unique in itsintelligence, efficiency, energy saving and data sharing, bringing more new experiences to users.

Hanon K1100F Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer is an automatic device integrating distillation and titration functionsand it is designed based on classic Kjeldahl nitrogen determination method.

K9860 Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer is an automatic device integrating distillation and titration functions, which is designed based on the classic Kjeldahl nitrogen determination method.

Hanon K9840 Auto Kjeldahl Distillation Unit is designed to determine the nitrogen content of samples based on the Kjeldahl nitrogen determination method. 

Hanon SH420F Kjeldahl Digestor adopts advanced high-temperature infrared tradiation heating technology and microprocessor control platform, boasts accurate temperature control and quick temperature rise.

Hanon SH220F graphite digestor has the advantages of fast, efficient and convenient digestion. It is suitable for food, pharmaceutical, agricultural and other industries, as well as universities and scientific research departments to digest soil, feed and other samples before chemical analysis.

Neutralization system (Scrubber) has many functions such as triple filtration, condensate recovery of exhaust gas, filtration and neutralization device. The product adopts high-quality anticorrosive pumps, low noise, strong suction, reduce exhaust emissions, eco-friendly.

SOX606 Automatic Soxhlet Extractor, designed based on the Soxhlet extraction principle with weight method to determine the fat content. It has five extraction methods to meet different demands from the customer.

SOX406 Fat Analyzer is based on the Soxhlet extraction principle and integrates such functions as soaking, extraction, leaching, heating, condensation, and solvent recovery.

Hanon F800 Fiber Analyzer is with advanced design, easy operation and flexible application. It can be used in the conventional Weende method to analyze crude fiber and Van Soest analysis to wash the fiber.

Hanon Dumas Nitrogen/Protein Analyzer determines the nitrogen/protein content of samples through combustion, purification, reduction, and thermal conductivity detection.

SINEO Microwave Chemistry Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is one of the first manufacturers of microwave chemistry equipment in China, with nearly 30 years experience in the field.

TANK eco Microwave Digestion/Extraction System has incorporated Sineo’s 30 years’ of experience in microwave research and development and is built for a wide range of applications in the market.

Our Latest microwave system (The MDS-15)is the culmination of over 20 years of refinement. The MDS-15 is a high-throughput, multi-functional closed microwave sample preparation workstation with the latest technology and a lifetime warranty on the core component.

With more than 20 years experience inmicrowave chemistry instrument industry and the latest industrial technology,JUPITER series high throughput closed microwave digestion/extractionworkstation created can be widely used in routine laboratories and speciallyapplied under extreme conditions.

With the most advance technology and material of Shanghai Sineo Microwave Chemistry Technology Co., LTD., MASTER serial ultrahigh throughput microwave digestion/extraction workstation was launched in 2012.

MDS-6G microwave digestion/extraction/synthesis system (nickname: SMART), a subversion of tradition, is a market-oriented practical compact microwave digester made by Sineo with its over 20 years’ experience.

UWave-2000 Multifunctional Microwave Chemistry Reaction Workstation is the upgrade of Sineo’s best seller UWave-1000, with Sineo’s 20 years of microwave chemical experience andscientific achievements of many scientists.

As the latest multifunction microwave chemistry reaction platform of SINEO Microwave Chemistry Technology Co., Ltd, MAS-II Plus microwave synthesis/extraction reaction workstation, that can meet various experiment plans,has a rational, friendly and simple operation design.

Number of channels and control mode: The instrument host adopts modular design, supports the number of channels upgraded in the field, and supports 1/2/4/6/8 multiple channel combinations.

Hanon N-20 Sample Concentrator is mainly used in theconcentration of samples in batches, such as drug screening, hormone analysis, liquid/gas phase, as well as mass spectrum analysis.

SH230N Heavy Metal Digestor, with the advantages of rapid disintegration, high efficiency, convenience and large processing capacity, is suitable for food, medicine, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, chemical, etc.

P Series Polarimeter with automatic photoelectric inspection technology, boasts accurate and reliable measurement, convenient operation. By detecting the optical rotation, the density, content, and purity of substances can be analyzed and determined.

Hanon A670/A630 Automatic Refractometer includes high-performance CCD light-sensitive part based on abbe principle, it can automatically measure the refractive index(nD) of transparent, translucent, dark, viscous and other types liquid sample, also can measure sugar degree(Brix) of sugar solution.

Slip melting point is an important physical property of greases and waxes. In the field of chemistry, melting point measurement is the basic means of identifying the nature of a substance, and is one of the important methods for determining parameters such as purity, content, and type.

MP420/MP430 Video Melting Point Apparatus, and MP450/MP470/MP490 Automatic Video Melting Point Apparatus, perfectly integrate video technology into melting point measuring. It not only provides users with reliable melting point test result, but also intuitively displays temperature curve and real-time video image.

Hanon T860 Automatic Titrator is a lab titration device with high analysis accuracy under the principle of potentiometric titration. It enjoys modular design, consist of three parts: volume titration device, control device and measuring device. The titration methods include macro titration, micro titration, volume setting titration, EP, etc.

The titrator is a high-precision laboratory experimental analysis instrument that uses potentiometric, dead-stop, Karl Fischer, and other titration methods for capacity analysis. It can perform acid-base titration, redox, precipitation, complexation, dead-stop, Karl Fischer moisture, etc.

High-brightness, large color 5.5-inch LCD display. Molded water tank, uni-body with 316 stainless steel, anti-rust, anti-corrosion. Motor driven mold turbine quiet pump 10L/min, fully realized hydro-power separation. Compact structural layout with removable grille for easy maintenance and drainage.

Corollary Equipment for Kjeldahl Apparatus, Soxhlet Extractor, Crude Fiber Analyzer, AAS, ICP-MS, Electrophoresis System, Rheometer, Automatic Synthesizer, Fermentation Apparatus, Rotary Evaporator, Extraction and Condensation Device, SPE Apparatus.

Hanon F Series Refrigerated and Heating Circulator can be widely used in oil, physical, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other fields of science, precision temperature control equipment.

Using 12 cup speed partition (6+6) 2 working areas, 2 batches of dissolution tests can be completed at the same time.

Equipped with 192-bit 15ml test tube tray and 1.5m! Xilin bottle tray, convenient for UV or HPLC analysis. It has the functions of southern tracking, multi-level permission management, and fingerprint unlocking.

Sekilas Tentang Brand Hanon

Hanon adalah salah satu brand alat laboratorium terbaik asal china yang bisa anda andalkan. Memulai dengan pengembangan produk instrumen pertama di tahun 2006, hingga kini hanon sudah memiliki ratusan ragam produk instrumen laboratorium. Penggunaan produk hanon juga sudah menyebar hingga seluruh negara-negara di dunia.

Perkembangan Hanon kian melesat dengan pesat dari tahun ke tahunnya hingga menjadi Hanon Group. Beberapa merek terkenal dari brand Hanon adalah Sineo untuk ragam produk microwave, GAS untuk VOC analisis, Wooking dalam bidang kromatografi, dan Haosoo untuk produk dissolution tester.

Hanon Group juga telah mendapat sertifikat CE, Sertifikasi Sistem Manajemen Mutu ISO, dan lebih dari 90 paten untuk memastikan bahwa setiap instrumen memiliki kinerja yang stabil dan kualitas yang sangat baik.

Berikut sekilas tentang brand Hanon, mudah-mudahan bermanfaat. Jika saat ini anda sedang membutuhkan alat laboratorium dari brand Hanon silahkan hubungi customer service andaru via whatsapp 087777277740 atau telepon 0251-7504679. Link alamat kami sertakan pada Google Maps.

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