Real Time PCR

A new instrument for real-time amplification and melting analysis suitable both for research studies as well as for diagnostics applications. Two thermoeletric Peltier elements ensure high accuracy of temperature regulation and noiselessness. 
The unique design and project of the thermal block allows loading and unloading of test samples in a completely automated software-controlled way.

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Features Polymerase Chain Reaction

  • 4 or 5 channels multiplexing for discrimination of up to five targets in a single reaction well*
  • Strong flexibility thanks to the 96-well format suited for standard PCR microplates, test tubes and strips
  • Possibility to use tubes with different heights with regulation of the matrix block
  • Optimal signal/noise ratio and absence of crosstalk ensured by the unique design of the optical track including a separate light source for each channel and a matrix CCD camera
  • Light emitting diodes (LED) as a light source with a lifetime of about 100,000 hours that does not require maintenance or constant
  • Wide dynamic range of detection using multiple exposure method, which leads the optimization of signal registration conditions to a whole new level, greatly simplifying or even eliminating the need for fluorescence settings
  • Main applications are Real-Time quantitation, single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) genotyping, melting curve and gene expression analysis
  • Instrument comes with the most used Sacace protocols already installed in the software minimizing possibility of error during programming.

Optical Scheme Polymerase Chain Reaction


Thermal block format96 test tubes of 0.2 ml (12 x 8)
Test tube type0.2-ml test tubes for PCR (individual, in strips, 8 pieces each or a holder 12 x 8)
Range of thermal block temperature control0ºC…100ºC
Resolution of temperature setting0.1ºC
Absolute accuracy of temperature maintenance±0.2ºC
Uniformity of thermal block temperature±0.15ºC
Average heating rate of the thermal block within temperature range of 4…99ºC3.3ºC / s
Maximum heating rate of the thermal block within temperature range of 4…99ºC3.5ºC / s
Average cooling rate of the thermal block within temperature range of 99…55ºC2.1ºC / s
Maximum cooling rate of the thermal block within temperature range of 99…55ºC2.5ºC / s
“Hot cover” temperature105ºC ±1ºC
Actuating device of the thermal blockPeltier elements
Excitation sourceLight-emitting diode (LED)
DetectorCCD (Charge Coupled Device) -matrix
Number of the fluorescence measurement channels4 or 5*
Excitation /detection wave length470/525, 532/570, 585/633, 633/670, 690/750 **
Threshold sensitivity of each of the channels for solutions of standard fluorophores0.05x10E-12M
Computer interfaceUSB 2.0 High-speed
Power consumptionNot over 550 W
Overall dimensions, WxDxH210x540x540 mm
Preparation time after switching-onNot over 5 minutes
* The 5th channel is optional and available only after customer’s specific request
** The excitation/detection 690/750 wavelengths are for the 5th optional channel
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