BARCOV merupakan salah satu brand alat laboratorium asal indonesia. Brand ini secara serius mempelajari setiap mekanisme instrument laboratorium dan spesifikasi reagen. Kemudian memberikan pelayanan lengkap kepada pengguna produknya.


Villa Bogor Indah 2,Blok BB 2 No.6 Kedunghalang, Bogor.



Focus Product

Laboratory Instrument & Reagent

Special Product

HPLC, FTIR, Reagent

The HPLC system provides you with long-term, continuous and stable operation and a variety of configuration options. Higher analysis and detection efficiency makes you confident in the detection results and worthy of your trust.

Overview HPLC BRQ-3000 : Excellent Performance, 9000PSI working pressure, 2.5AU Linearity range, 100Hz Sampling rate, Rapid analysis achievable , More efficient, less consume.

Adhering to consistent excellent quality and superior performance, the new model obtains the best balance between intelligence and convenient operation, advance performance and low operation and maintenance cost.

Using 12 cup speed partition (6+6) 2 working areas, 2 batches of dissolution tests can be completed at the same time;

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