Auto Pure 32 Nucleic Acid Purification System

Page ini berisi informasi mengenai Auto Pure 32 Nucleic Acid Purification System. Auto pure 32 nucleic acid purification system atau lebih dikenal dengan mesin ekstraksi rna sering digunakan pada laboratorium pcr pemeriksaan covid-19. Berikut ini adalah mesin auto pure 32 nucleic acid purification system merk Allsheng yang bisa anda gunakan dirumah sakit maupun laboratorium lainnya.

Gambar Produk Auto Pure 32 Nucleid Acid Purification System

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Oke berikut ini adalah gambaran umum produk auto pure 32 dari brang allsheng :

Overview Product

Automate low-throughput sample preparation within your laboratory workflow using Magnetic Particle Processors: Auto-Pure32 Nucleic Acid Purification System. It for processing volumes up to 1ml, With the ability to go down to 50ul to release target molecules, samples such as DNA or RNA can isolated and concentrated from larger starting volumes at the same time.

The Auto-Pure32 comes with a 96 deepwell plate for necleic acid purification of up to 32 processed samples per run.

Product Information

Auto-Pure32A/Auto-Pure20A/Auto-Pure20B  is a bench top device for DNA and RNA purification by using magnetic separation technology from different starting materials, such as blood, cultured cells or bacteria, tissues, cell-free body fluids and plant samples. The device is capable of using magnetic rods to transfer particles through the various purification phases of binding, mixing, washing and elution, offering a solution with minimized hands-on time. The DNA and RNA purification is of high quality and high molecular weight.

Magnetic Bead Extraction


Process samples up to 1ml, 3ml or 5ml

With the Auto-Pure series can process up to 32 samples per run when the working volume is up to 1ml. With the ability to change the instrument configuration, the customers can elevate the sample processing volume up to 3ml or 5ml to obtain higher yields of the purified product, and the throughput up to 20 samples.

Modular Design



Feature Auto Pure 32 Nucleic Acid Purification System

  1. It is easy to use with 7 inch touch screen
  2. Very simple operation (easy to install, operate, maintain) without computer
  3. Very fast extraction protocol, 15~40 minutes / cycle depending on sample typeand method
  4. Universal built-in program for easy using?
  5. High purity and excellent yield of nucleic acid
  6. UV lamp to avoid cross contamination
  7. 3 shortcut key to make for easy running, stopping the magnetic beads program
  8. Open system can optimize purification proposal according to various magnetic?beads kits
  9. Drawer design to prevent possible injuries
  10. With special plastic consumables to avoid cross contamination
  11. Improves workflow, and allows staff to perform other value-added tasks
  12. Ensures impurities are removed; improved sample quality leads to better?downstream analyses
  13. Capable of extracting 1~20 samples or 1~32samples per run?and process samples up to 1ml, 3ml and 5ml
  14. Alarm for indicating the completion of purification
  15. Pause function for emergent stop

Tecnical Data Auto Pure 32 Nucleic Acid Purification System

Berikut adalah spesifikasi atau teknical data mesin auto pure 32

Throughput 1~32
Process volume 50~1000ul
Collection efficiency >95%
Magnetic rod number 32
Purification accuracy 100 copy sample positive rate>95%
Stability CV<5%
Plate types 96 Deepwell plate
Healting for lysis tube Ambient temperature~120°C
Heating for elution tube Ambient temperature~120°C
Operation 7 inch color touch screen
Extraction steps Lysis, Sample binding, Washing and elution
Storage Capacity more than 100 programs
Protocol Management Create, edit, delete, protocol mode
Pollution Control UV light
Lighting Yes
Extension interface 4 standard USB port, built-in SD card
Exhaust Fan
Power Supply 450W
Dimensions 400×470×450 mm

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